Week 4 Progress towards 5K!

27 Feb

This week was a very  big week for me.  My first major accomplishment was getting on an elliptical for the first time. I would venture to say that my legs were in complete shock from this workout!  I planned to go 30 minutes but my heartrate was WAY too high so I slowed down and completed 20 minutes and then did 20 minutes on the bike.

My second big accomplishment for the week was running outdoors for the first time since the accident.  I completed a mile in 15:28!

I wrote about the whole experience here:  http://sandraglen.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/run-sandra-run/

My totals for the week were 9.36 on the bike, 1.12, on the elliptical, and 2 miles walking/running for a total of 12.48 miles.

Goal for this week:

My goal is to get in 15 miles this week.  I would like to have at least two elliptical workouts and one run outside.  The rest I will have to pick up with the bike.  Whew, big week but I can do this! 🙂


Week 3 progress towards 5K!

21 Feb

Week 3 was another great week of training.

My total miles were 12.19.

2.45 walking/running!

9.74 biking

My second walk this week is the one that I also did some running again! 🙂 I added 2 1-minute intervals and 2 1.5-minute intervals for a total running time of 5 minutes!!! Adding the additional running also helped me cut my mile time down to 16:28, 40 seconds off of last week!

My challenge for this week is running outside! It is difficult on the treadmill because the ground under me is moving!! So I have to usually hold on.  I’m excited to go for a walk with some running on one of my regular courses! I also have a new fancy toy to help me track my distance/time/etc. I haven’t totally figured it out yet, but thankfully my dad is helping me!

Week 2 progress towards 5K!

13 Feb

My total miles for the week were 5.08.

A lower number but that is because there was no biking involved this week.  All of my workouts in week 2 were  focused on walking and I even did some running for the first time!!  Two of my workouts were also outdoor walking and not walking on a treadmill to really challenge my balance and ability to deal with different terrain.

On one of my workouts I RAN 4 1-minute intervals resulting in me completing a mile in 17:08! Big progress!

I also signed up for my next 5K! It is called The Color Run and I am so excited about participating in it with my good friend Sarah. You can check out the details of the run at http://thecolorrun.com/atlanta/.   There are lots of questions I have 🙂 but the website says ” The only question is “Are you ready for the craziest, colorful, 5k of your life?” And the answer is YES!

I am glad with my progress to date and hope to try running again one day this week. My goal is to run at least half of both of these 5Ks I have planned for, so we’ll see if I get there.

I have even purchased some new gear which always motivates me to get working out. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Week 1 progress towards 5K!

6 Feb

My total miles for week 1 were 8.57.

3.40 walking and 5.17 biking.

I am working very hard to get my pace when walking up and was able to complete a mile in 20 minutes this week!  This pace was such an improvement from my first time on the treadmill a few weeks ago where I went .25 mile in 10 minutes.  Twice as fast to be exact. 🙂

This week I will be adding outside walks to my training in order to see how the difference in terrain will affect my balance. I am very excited about this challenge! It makes me feel that much closer to just taking off running. 🙂 I am super pumped to go buy some new running gear this week, including new shoes! After all this time I am going to finally make it to Big Peach Running Company for a fit processing.  Yea!!

I will let you know how it goes!


My first official running goal!

30 Jan

Thanks to the amazing suggestion and encouragement of my friend Lisa Perron I have registered for my first 5K on March 24th, 2012. 🙂

The first line of the description reads “Celebrate women’s health and fitness with us at the Atlanta Women’s 5K!” I believe for me this event will be so much  more than a celebration of health and fitness.  This experience will be a celebration of life. Of hard work, looking forward, and never giving up.  As I continue healing, the physical part is so rewarding because it is so tangible and measurable and when I’m having a rough day I can see pictures like these below and say to myself “look how far you have come!”

Running the whole thing is not my goal, completing it in the time allotted – that is my goal. Running, walking, crawling, haha, whatever it takes! 🙂

I have 8 weeks to help myself get to this goal.  I will post progress each week and include the goals I meet along the way.

Week 1 goal was achieved today! I walked over a mile. 1.13 miles in 30 minutes.  🙂

I will have many goals for endurance and time in the first few weeks.  At the end of each week on Sunday I will post my total miles for the week (walking, biking, elliptical and eventually running!)

Every day means something so new  and unknown to me. My head and my heart battle each other every day.  And on the days when my heart and the pain of loss is winning out, the continuation of goals that were in my life before it changed gives me such hope. Gives me something to focus on and keep moving forward.  My counselor today helped me to realize that I am not doing this because I am in denial of the grieving process but because part of the grieving and  healing process is learning how to move forward. It is nothing but a fact that I now must learn how to move forward without Glen and learn what my life without him means.  A terrible fact but one which I must ultimately come to understand. So today I have made the commitment to start putting some of the pieces of my life back together, by beginning a goal for me, The Atlanta Women’s 5K.

2012 -Towards healing, peace, and wellness

2 Jan

This blog started because I started a running journey and I didn’t know how to start really so I just stretched out …and then I ran.

I was 111 days into my journey and on the way to my first 10K when my life changed.  And my reality became something unknown to me and there is no charted plan, no one “right” way to cope and to heal.  So I have decided to heal the one way I know and one day I will look back and say I was simply out of ideas but not giving up…and then I ran.

I am not running away from anything, not avoiding my life or my reality, but running towards something.  Towards healing, towards peace, towards wellness.  My half marathon goal was one that Glen was fully on board with.  I had already registered for the Disney Princess half in February and we had begun our plans to book the resort and lay out the trip.  And in true girly fashion, I had already bought Alana and I our Mickey running shirts and our princess crown headbands to wear that day. And they will not go to waste. My long term goal is still a half marathon at Disney. 

I have no doubt that as he was before, Glen is 100 % behind me continuing this journey and achieving my goal.  At this point for me, it’s not just about me anymore.  I feel excited for everyone who has seen me go through this part of my life to share in the joys and successes of my accomplishments because without all of you none of this would be happening.   All of you have been a more integral part of this than you will ever understand.

Okay, so obviously a half marathon is a LONG LONG term goal 🙂 so let me talk about short term goals.

Through the fabulous Jenn of Myfitness Motivation on facebook I have joined the 1212 Mile Running Club which has the goal of running 1212 miles in 2012.  1212 miles in 2012 is not an achievable goal for me so my plan is to run 212 and do the other 1000 through walking, biking, and the elliptical.  Physical therapy is going to start me on the bike pretty soon and I will start logging my miles as soon as they do!  I will be using dailymile.com to keep up with my totals.  It is an awesome program and makes charting your progress so easy.  As I progress in this leg of my journey, I will adjust my running goal up or down as necessary.

Please be assured that this is not a goal resulting out of the trials of this year but a continuation of an existing goal.  For me this goal has even more meaning then it did originally. I have to make a choice each day to withdraw from living and live in pain and be angry and confused or to keep moving ahead and keep healing.  I have a choice to dwell in my uncertainties or be daily present like Glen was and enjoy the blessings and goals I have for myself. Back in July I wanted a better version of me, I wanted to discover the me that was still uncharted…and then I ran.  So in 2012 I will keep running.

Day 106 – 5 miles

31 Oct

My first 10K is this Saturday and I am excited to get this accomplishment under my belt.  I love that any time I go for a new race it is a  personal record! The training for the 10K part of this journey has definitely not been the best.  I started off with the shoulder injury and then followed up with some wicked bronchitis.  Thank goodness for the advice of others who told me to lay off while I had the bronchitis.  I look at the pictures of the race a few weeks ago and I really looked worn out.  But I am feeling so much better now and ready to keep pushing forward.  Had my training gone as planned I would have been steadily increasing to the 6 miles for the 10K, but of course life is rarely as we plan it.  Therefore, I decided to jump up to 5 this weekend so that I would not feel so worried about the 6.2 coming next week.

The run went surprisingly well!

5 Miles = 56:06

This is about a 11:13 pace which is a little higher than I would like but for my first attempt I am just ecstatic to have made it! This run was the first time I have EVER run 5 miles in my life.  And I know I have said this a million times before but I would never have believed in 3 months I would grow this much.  The picture is me attempting to smile when really I was about to fall over from exhaustion! I was so hungry and tired after this run.  My breathing was very consistent and not labored at all, but my hips were really aching by the end.  But I made it! 

As the distance increases so does my need for new running gear and toys. 😉  My newest and maybe favorite addition to date  is the FuelBelt 10-ounce Palm Holder water bottle! This thing is amazing and I love love love it!  I find that a quick sip of water really helps with my breathing and endurance.  The water bottle is so comfortable and weighs next to nothing.  A great addition to my runs!

The other thoughts that will not leave my head were about endurance from the church sermon this weekend. Although the endurance speaks to our spiritual endurance, our pastor was relating his message to all aspects of life, marriage, work, etc and it really hit deep with me as I continue on this fitness journey.  The series is called Supernatural and the teaching was on endurance.  When faced with a “desert” or obstacle in your life will you dry up, get soft, and stray off? Or will you go deeper, grow stronger, and get focused.

More simplly stated he said to tell yourself:

I can’t…

*dry up

*get soft

*stray off

I will…

*go deeper

*grow stronger

*get focused

To do this you have to

—> be still (rest and listen) —> so you can go deeper

—>say “I can still fight” (demand endurance) —> so you can grow stronger

—> say “I still have things to do” (no excuses) —> so you can get focused

Running has definitely not been a walk in the park for me, I have felt sore, apathetic,  exhausted, defeated, and ambivalent at times but I have to remind myself to DEMAND ENDURANCE.

Day 106 advice – go deeper, grow stronger, and get focused