The Whole Story

14 Jun

Just when you try to make a plan, life has a way of changing.  This is the whole story about where my body healing and recovery is currently.  Right after I planned to get training again, I learned that I had to have surgery on my inferior vena cava because of blockage resulting from a blood clot in my vena cava filter.

Here is my post before the surgery:

And here is the one explaining why they were not able to put the stent in my vena cava.

I had to take almost a week off of exercising. When I began again, I quickly realized that my legs are not ready to be doing running training so intensely.  So I will be saving that training schedule for another date.  I have begun with a personal trainer to get my legs strong enough to support some distance running.

I ran a mile yesterday by doing 7 minutes running, 1.5 minutes walking, and 2.6 minutes running. For a mile time of 11:10, my best yet! 🙂  Today the personal trainer asked me did you stop running because of your legs or your breathing?  I told her it was definitely because of my legs which is soooo frustrating.  She is totally awesome and committed to helping me strengthen my legs while not neglecting the rest of my body.  Today was a great session and I look forward to my next one.

I am definitely still going to participate in my next 5K, however I am not going to stick to the goal of running the whole thing.  I acknowledged the need to slow down and get some proper strength training before I will be ready to run that distance. I know I just need to keep moving forward and I will get there eventually. I’ve come so far already. Forward Motion is the slogan I adopted from my TBI kindred Billy Wilkerson.  He totally rocks and continues to face all of the challenges that his TBI has presented him with.  He is truly an inspiration.


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