Week 7 progress towards 5K!! And 4 days until race day!

20 Mar

Week 7 was my last full week of training before the race.

I ran my longest distance yet!!! 2 miles! I ran the 2 miles in almost the same exact time as the 1.75 from the week before.  I again rotated walking/running every quarter of a mile which means I ran a mile total! 🙂
First mile = 14:25
Second mile = 14:33
I am encouraged that the mile times were so close! It means my endurance is getting better which was a major focus in my physical therapy!

I only ran one other time this week because I was feeling really run down and did not want to push it.  I ran/walked the mile in 15:09 which was a little slower but still great.

My totals miles for this week were 23.18! My most miles yet because of some increased time spent on biking.

Biking=20.18 miles

Running/Walking=3 miles

I am only 4 days away from my first race and it is kind of unbelievable.

The picture is from the very first time I did a treadmill after the accident. I walked .25 of a mile in 10 minutes.  Now I can walk 1/4 of a mile in 3.5 minutes and even run a 1/4 of a mile! 🙂  I’m also glad to know that I now have a little more meat on my bones than when this picture was taken over 2 and 1/2 months ago! A healthy sign that I am recovering.

I’m taking it easy in this eighth week of training, but plan on getting a good run in tomorrow because the news is doing a follow up story on my progress and preparation for the 5K on Saturday.  I am feeling a little emotional about the whole idea that my life is news worthy because of the tragedy that my family endured.  My dad helped me understand that the story for her is not about the tragedy, they have covered that story already.  But the story is about what I’m doing in spite of the tragedy.  Not letting it stop me or crush my spirit, but continuing to try and reach my physical and family goals as best I can.  It is only by the grace of God, that I have been able to achieve what I have.

I can see how some people may have a hard time understanding this whole goal of running.  As I wrote in an earlier post, “I am not running away from anything, not avoiding my life or my reality, but running towards something.  Towards healing, towards peace, towards wellness.” and “I have no doubt that as he was before, Glen is 100 % behind me continuing this journey and achieving my goal.  At this point for me, it’s not just about me anymore.  I feel excited for everyone who has seen me go through this part of my life to share in the joys and successes of my accomplishments because without all of you none of this would be happening.   All of you have been a more integral part of this than you will ever understand.” Thank you for being my biggest supporters, my biggest fans. Thank you for understanding how much this goal means to me and always encouraging and supporting me. I promise to race hard on Saturday and to post on the results of the race.

Babe, thank you for always supporting me.  This one is for you! XOXO


One Response to “Week 7 progress towards 5K!! And 4 days until race day!”

  1. Amber Daniels March 21, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    You have no idea who I am, but I am a friend/ex-co worker of Andrea Ricardo’s and have been attending 12stone regularly. I have read your story and am truly inspired by you! I am glad to see that you are doing great and will be running this weekend! May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family!


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