Week 6 progress towards 5K!!

14 Mar

Well this post is coming a little late because it has been a busy week.  Unfortunately my daughter has pneumonia so I have been pretty focused on that.  Now three days into the week, I finally have a minute to recap last weeks training.  And it was a BIG week. My total miles for the week were 16.31! I finally met that goal and then I exceeded my running goal by running 3 times this past week.

Biking = 12.56

Walking/Running = 3.75

Another reason this was a big week was because I did my longest run/walk distance to date. My friend Lisa who is the one who suggested my first 5K, met me to do an outdoor training run.  We rotated laps between walking/running and did 1.75 in 28 minutes.  This distance and time was a huge accomplishment for me!  We had a great time running and I only have two weeks until the 5K so it was nice to have Lisa there to keep me motivated to increase the distance.  My dad was also there and he took a few pictures.  It was an overall awesome experience.  Thank you Lisa!

I ended up having a very difficult day emotionally after this run and my Uncle Jim, who witnessed some of that hardship, created this amazing poster. I was really moved and motivated by the saying on it and related it to what I had just heard that morning in church.  My pastor said “whatever you prioritize, you can pull off.”  These two things happening in the same day gave me reassurance that I am doing something right.  I am focused on my children and my physical and emotional healing, and by prioritizing those things, I can succeed! “It’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you’re going.” Forward Motion!


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