Week 4 Progress towards 5K!

27 Feb

This week was a very  big week for me.  My first major accomplishment was getting on an elliptical for the first time. I would venture to say that my legs were in complete shock from this workout!  I planned to go 30 minutes but my heartrate was WAY too high so I slowed down and completed 20 minutes and then did 20 minutes on the bike.

My second big accomplishment for the week was running outdoors for the first time since the accident.  I completed a mile in 15:28!

I wrote about the whole experience here:  http://sandraglen.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/run-sandra-run/

My totals for the week were 9.36 on the bike, 1.12, on the elliptical, and 2 miles walking/running for a total of 12.48 miles.

Goal for this week:

My goal is to get in 15 miles this week.  I would like to have at least two elliptical workouts and one run outside.  The rest I will have to pick up with the bike.  Whew, big week but I can do this! 🙂


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