Week 3 progress towards 5K!

21 Feb

Week 3 was another great week of training.

My total miles were 12.19.

2.45 walking/running!

9.74 biking

My second walk this week is the one that I also did some running again! 🙂 I added 2 1-minute intervals and 2 1.5-minute intervals for a total running time of 5 minutes!!! Adding the additional running also helped me cut my mile time down to 16:28, 40 seconds off of last week!

My challenge for this week is running outside! It is difficult on the treadmill because the ground under me is moving!! So I have to usually hold on.  I’m excited to go for a walk with some running on one of my regular courses! I also have a new fancy toy to help me track my distance/time/etc. I haven’t totally figured it out yet, but thankfully my dad is helping me!


One Response to “Week 3 progress towards 5K!”

  1. Jenn Sheahan February 21, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Great work Sandra! You are making such great progress – you have a lot of determination in you!! Enjoy your new toys! And, don’t worry, I have had my Garmin GPS watch a couple years and only know the very basics! Ha! ❤ Jenn

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