Day 106 – 5 miles

31 Oct

My first 10K is this Saturday and I am excited to get this accomplishment under my belt.  I love that any time I go for a new race it is a  personal record! The training for the 10K part of this journey has definitely not been the best.  I started off with the shoulder injury and then followed up with some wicked bronchitis.  Thank goodness for the advice of others who told me to lay off while I had the bronchitis.  I look at the pictures of the race a few weeks ago and I really looked worn out.  But I am feeling so much better now and ready to keep pushing forward.  Had my training gone as planned I would have been steadily increasing to the 6 miles for the 10K, but of course life is rarely as we plan it.  Therefore, I decided to jump up to 5 this weekend so that I would not feel so worried about the 6.2 coming next week.

The run went surprisingly well!

5 Miles = 56:06

This is about a 11:13 pace which is a little higher than I would like but for my first attempt I am just ecstatic to have made it! This run was the first time I have EVER run 5 miles in my life.  And I know I have said this a million times before but I would never have believed in 3 months I would grow this much.  The picture is me attempting to smile when really I was about to fall over from exhaustion! I was so hungry and tired after this run.  My breathing was very consistent and not labored at all, but my hips were really aching by the end.  But I made it! 

As the distance increases so does my need for new running gear and toys. 😉  My newest and maybe favorite addition to date  is the FuelBelt 10-ounce Palm Holder water bottle! This thing is amazing and I love love love it!  I find that a quick sip of water really helps with my breathing and endurance.  The water bottle is so comfortable and weighs next to nothing.  A great addition to my runs!

The other thoughts that will not leave my head were about endurance from the church sermon this weekend. Although the endurance speaks to our spiritual endurance, our pastor was relating his message to all aspects of life, marriage, work, etc and it really hit deep with me as I continue on this fitness journey.  The series is called Supernatural and the teaching was on endurance.  When faced with a “desert” or obstacle in your life will you dry up, get soft, and stray off? Or will you go deeper, grow stronger, and get focused.

More simplly stated he said to tell yourself:

I can’t…

*dry up

*get soft

*stray off

I will…

*go deeper

*grow stronger

*get focused

To do this you have to

—> be still (rest and listen) —> so you can go deeper

—>say “I can still fight” (demand endurance) —> so you can grow stronger

—> say “I still have things to do” (no excuses) —> so you can get focused

Running has definitely not been a walk in the park for me, I have felt sore, apathetic,  exhausted, defeated, and ambivalent at times but I have to remind myself to DEMAND ENDURANCE.

Day 106 advice – go deeper, grow stronger, and get focused




2 Responses to “Day 106 – 5 miles”

  1. MyFitness Motivation November 1, 2011 at 5:52 am #

    Love, love, love it! I am so proud of you for getting those 5 miles in – you did amazing! Especially considering the obstacles that you faced getting there! I am also doing my first 10k on Saturday so we’ll be doing it “together”! Good luck – I can’t wait to hear about it!!

  2. Jeannie Gilbert November 1, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    Good luck with your 10K! Great job on pushing through despite the obstacles!

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