Day 81 – Bum shoulder

6 Oct

I have been very lucky so far in this journey not to hurt anything.  Unfortunately I have problematic shoulders/scapula that I have had since I was a teenager.  I had arthroscopic surgery on both shoulders at 15 and 16 and it was minimallysuccessful and a very slow recovery.  I spent a lot of time in physical therapy and although they would flare up every now and again they were never quite as bad as before.  Over the years I have been able to get it down to a pretty good science of controlling the pain.  Then after all this time, I woke up on Tuesday in major pain! I went to get a massage that night hoping for some relief, and while it did help temporarily, when I woke up Wednesday I was still hurting.  I went to work but left by 10:00 because I was in so much pain.  The reason it is so frustrating is because the only way to really relieve all of the pressure is to lie on your back, which you can’t do real well as a teacher!! 🙂  I first headed to the chiropractor to get adjusted.  After lying in bed for several hours I went to the doctor that afternoon and because of the inflammation and spasms he put me on steroids and muscle relaxers.  After mobilizing it in a sling all day today and then doing some stretches tonight, it is starting to feel better.  The point of all of this though is that I have not been able to run all week! 😦 After my first 4 mile run, I was feeling so excited to press forward.  If the sling and steroids help this much again tomorrow, I will be trying to run on Saturday for sure.  I will be beginning physical therapy on Monday and there is almost a sense of relief in that. I know that the physical therapy was very instrumental in reducing the pain in the past.  And I definitely don’t mind being forced to add strength training 2-3 times a week to my regimen for the next 4-6 weeks.  When my upper body is strong, I feel stronger all together!  In the scheme of things it is only 1 week off but it feels like a million years after running so consistently the last few months.

Day 80 advice – Listen to your body and know when to take a break (even when you don’t want to 🙂 )


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