Day 63 – My new running partner!

18 Sep

Not a great one of me! But so cute of my little runner!

Next Saturday I will be running in another 5k! This one is very exciting because Alana will be running a 1K and Cameron will be competing in what I am sure will prove to be an intense 25 yard dash .  Now Alana has made it pretty clear that she does not like to sweat, so I had to help her work through that so she is ready for Saturday.  We went running today and she took it VERY seriously.  We ran 6 minutes without stopping, took a break, and then ran 5 more minutes! I was incredibly proud of her and am confident she will do a great job. She really pushed herself on the second 5 minutes and wanted to stop but didn’t.  It was adorable!

As for me, I had some pretty good runs this week. Saturday was 3 miles but I was having some back pain so I ran about 2.4 and walked the rest. On Tuesday I started a raw fruit and vegetable detox and I have not felt as energetic as normal so the runs were a little harder.  I wanted to jump start the eating healthier phase and doing the detox seemed like the best way to get started.  I went for 4 days following the detox plan at this link after my friend Meghan successfully did it. 🙂  Before I began, I did some extra research to make sure that following this plan was best for me.  I did not begin the detox with a fast as mentioned in the article because I was starting on a work day. I am not going to lie,  the first 2 days were pretty difficult!  I am grateful that Glen and I were doing it together to help each other through those first days.  The next 2 days were much easier and I was feeling good after 4 days on the detox. 

The past 2 days I have tried to reintroduce some cooked foods and not felt very well so  for now I am trying to stay with as much raw food as possible.  I can honestly say that I really look forward to eating the fruits and veggies and I do not crave the food I normally would at all!! I know that eventually I probably will but right now I am enjoying not constantly craving junk food! (Or craving it at all really) In the mornings, I make a big container of red grapes, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi and eat that throughout the whole day.  I also bought some Naked Juice and would through that in the blender with some ice and a little fresh fruit which was a great snack. Although the first few days I felt hungry, I think it was more that I felt I should be hungry because I was so used to eating the other way.  Now that my body has adjusted, I am starting to feel better and add some more foods. I am also enjoying seeing some numbers fall off the scale!!!


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