Day 57 – Phase 2!

12 Sep

With my first 5K under my belt, and 4 blissful days of rest, I am excited to move into the next training schedule and start training for a 10K in November or December.  This next phase will get me another step closer to my ultimate goal, the Disney Princess half-marathon in February! 🙂 At this point, I cannot imagine being able to complete a half-marathon.  I have to remind myself that I felt that way about the 5K and with the right training, I was able to complete a 5K with about seven weeks training.  I have to repeat from previous posts that I love the training program because you gain distance each week, in small attainable amounts, until all the sudden you are running more than you ever thought you could.  I can promise you that when I started this I would never have thought I would be saying things like “oh tomorrow’s not bad, it’s only 2 1/2 miles.” ONLY?!? 😛

This 10K training definitely begins full steam ahead.  It is 6 days on(2 runs, 1 run/strength, 2 cross, 1 strength/stretch)/1 day off which will be a challenge.  The running schedule is very similar to what I was doing, but the strength sessions are new and there is an extra cross session.  I will play it by ear for now but want to have at least 3 runs, 1 cross, 2 strength each week.  The distance increases quickly and by week 4, 3 miles is the shortest distance.  Along the way, I have two 5K’s that I plan on running. Last Spring I joined the Be The Match national marrow registry and am looking forward to participating in the Be the One Run next weekend.  I have another 5K planned for October to help me get some more race experience. I am very excited!!!


Day 57 Advice = Keep going! And work hard. There is no shortcut to any place worth going.


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