Day 54 – Hard work pays off!

9 Sep

Glen, me, Ashley, Michelle, and Mike

First of all, last night was quite the experience! We ran as a part of my brother-in-law Mike’s corporate group, with my sister-in-law, Michelle, husband, Glen, and friend Ashley.  It was me, Michelle’s, and Ashley’s first race so it was exciting to all be there together. We had an excellent support team! Thank you Margot for being there with the kids! 

 I had NO idea what a huge event this was going to be.  Here is a picture of the set-up in the Turner Field parking lot.

The early estimates are that there were about 15,000+ participants which doesn’t include all the people there supporting those participants.  Being a race novice, I thought they would say go and we would start running. Not so much.  There were so many people that it took almost 5 minutes from the official “start” time before we actually crossed the start line. Thank goodness I had my own timer! Once we crossed the start line, it took about a half mile before I was able to run at the pace I wanted.  There were so many walkers and they were spread out along the whole road instead of staying to one side.  I’m not going to lie, for me, this kind of deflated my excitement and it took me a little bit to get going. After I hit the 1 mile marker, I realized I was running pretty slow because of the way things started and I began to pick up the pace.

Overall, the first mile was definitely the hardest for me.  Once that mile was over, I was able to get into a consistent pace and felt pretty good.  Predictably, the hardest parts were the hills and given the number of hills, I am happy to have run the whole thing.  Being a part of the race environment was such a positive experience and watching other people push themselves past their limits was very inspiring.  I crossed the finish line at 33:40, over 2 minutes under my goal!

After crossing the finish line, I spotted Glen and we walked back towards the tent.  On the way we picked up a cup of Powerade and a banana.  I can honestly say that I have NEVER in my life thought Powerade was so good or that a banana tasted that amazing! 🙂  I hardly ate all day because I was so nervous for the race, so that banana was perfect!

Afterwards I was definitely sore right away and we had a mile walk back to the Marta station which was not the best plan but parking would have been terrible. We went out for pizza and after eating I felt 100 times better. I slept really well and woke up for work still feeling great.  Glen said he was really sore and I kind of laughed because I was feeling so good…spoke to soon.  Around 3:00 my back/ribs, which were previously just a little sore, started hurting really badly.  I came home and took some Excedrin and took an hour nap and now I am feeling significantly better, albeit still sore. I am going to take another day off before starting the next training schedule. I am very excited to start the next schedule though and am already looking for the next 5K I want to run.  I want to give myself at least 3 weeks of training before the next one so I can hopefully improve my time a bit. I am sincerely grateful to everyone for all of their words of support and encouragement.  i could not imagine having accomplished this goal without all of you!!!!!!!

Day 54 advice – HARD WORK PAYS OFF! And the reward of getting something accomplished feels great. 🙂


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