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Day 70 – Under 30 minutes!

25 Sep

Yesterday was a day that I will remember forever.  Although I had a great time at the Kaiser Permanente run, this experience was completely different.  The race was the Be the Match, Be the One race which supports the national marrow donor registry. The race is a fundraiser for the program so I decided to participate because I am a registered donor.  There were many people there who were either survivors or were running in memory of someone who passed away.  The event was very family friendly so we all got to participate!

I have to first say that I have the most amazing husband in the world who was willing to wake up at 6:00 on a Saturday morning to make this day possible. We got the kids dressed and were on our way.  I ran in the 5K, Glen accompanied Alana in the 1K, and Cameron ran the 25 yard tot trot! The kids were very proud of themselves.  Here they are after getting their numbers.

I took off first for the 5K and was pleased when I got to the 1 mile marker in 8:21 because there were no major hills.  After seeing this I was really hoping to break 30  minutes, a goal I did not think would be possible. During mile 2, I definitely struggled more as the hills increased and right at the 2 mile marker was the largest hill of the course and I definitely felt it!!  I made it through the course without walking and noticed that I was passing people who earlier passed me and were now walking.  There is definitely something to be said about pacing yourself to run the whole race and not get burnt out.  The race had an awesome finish line set-up and soon after hitting the 3 mile marker you could hear the crowd cheering you on to the finish.  It is a huge motivator and I knew I was so close to making 30 minutes that I ran my heart out at the end.  By my watch, I made it across the finish at 30:15 which I was super happy about.  That was 3 and a 1/2 minutes faster than my first race. A great accomplishment. I was on cloud nine when we went to watch my little boy run his first race.  He did so awesome! Here he is stretching with big sister before the race started.

I didn’t get to see Alana run, but Glen said she did awesome as well and the course was actually pretty hard.  I was a very proud mommy yesterday.

As if that was not all enough, I checked the official times last night and my official time was 29:58!!!!!!!!!! I made it in under 30 minutes (even if it was only by 2 seconds). 🙂

Overall, it was an incredible day and I continue to be motivated by my friends, family, and others around me. I have a vision of what I want to accomplish and each step along the way gets me closer to the me I see.  This experience has been an incredible blessing with benefits both mentally and physically.  I am looking forward to my fist 4 mile run next Saturday!


Day 63 – My new running partner!

18 Sep

Not a great one of me! But so cute of my little runner!

Next Saturday I will be running in another 5k! This one is very exciting because Alana will be running a 1K and Cameron will be competing in what I am sure will prove to be an intense 25 yard dash .  Now Alana has made it pretty clear that she does not like to sweat, so I had to help her work through that so she is ready for Saturday.  We went running today and she took it VERY seriously.  We ran 6 minutes without stopping, took a break, and then ran 5 more minutes! I was incredibly proud of her and am confident she will do a great job. She really pushed herself on the second 5 minutes and wanted to stop but didn’t.  It was adorable!

As for me, I had some pretty good runs this week. Saturday was 3 miles but I was having some back pain so I ran about 2.4 and walked the rest. On Tuesday I started a raw fruit and vegetable detox and I have not felt as energetic as normal so the runs were a little harder.  I wanted to jump start the eating healthier phase and doing the detox seemed like the best way to get started.  I went for 4 days following the detox plan at this link after my friend Meghan successfully did it. 🙂  Before I began, I did some extra research to make sure that following this plan was best for me.  I did not begin the detox with a fast as mentioned in the article because I was starting on a work day. I am not going to lie,  the first 2 days were pretty difficult!  I am grateful that Glen and I were doing it together to help each other through those first days.  The next 2 days were much easier and I was feeling good after 4 days on the detox. 

The past 2 days I have tried to reintroduce some cooked foods and not felt very well so  for now I am trying to stay with as much raw food as possible.  I can honestly say that I really look forward to eating the fruits and veggies and I do not crave the food I normally would at all!! I know that eventually I probably will but right now I am enjoying not constantly craving junk food! (Or craving it at all really) In the mornings, I make a big container of red grapes, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, and kiwi and eat that throughout the whole day.  I also bought some Naked Juice and would through that in the blender with some ice and a little fresh fruit which was a great snack. Although the first few days I felt hungry, I think it was more that I felt I should be hungry because I was so used to eating the other way.  Now that my body has adjusted, I am starting to feel better and add some more foods. I am also enjoying seeing some numbers fall off the scale!!!

Day 57 – Phase 2!

12 Sep

With my first 5K under my belt, and 4 blissful days of rest, I am excited to move into the next training schedule and start training for a 10K in November or December.  This next phase will get me another step closer to my ultimate goal, the Disney Princess half-marathon in February! 🙂 At this point, I cannot imagine being able to complete a half-marathon.  I have to remind myself that I felt that way about the 5K and with the right training, I was able to complete a 5K with about seven weeks training.  I have to repeat from previous posts that I love the training program because you gain distance each week, in small attainable amounts, until all the sudden you are running more than you ever thought you could.  I can promise you that when I started this I would never have thought I would be saying things like “oh tomorrow’s not bad, it’s only 2 1/2 miles.” ONLY?!? 😛

This 10K training definitely begins full steam ahead.  It is 6 days on(2 runs, 1 run/strength, 2 cross, 1 strength/stretch)/1 day off which will be a challenge.  The running schedule is very similar to what I was doing, but the strength sessions are new and there is an extra cross session.  I will play it by ear for now but want to have at least 3 runs, 1 cross, 2 strength each week.  The distance increases quickly and by week 4, 3 miles is the shortest distance.  Along the way, I have two 5K’s that I plan on running. Last Spring I joined the Be The Match national marrow registry and am looking forward to participating in the Be the One Run next weekend.  I have another 5K planned for October to help me get some more race experience. I am very excited!!!


Day 57 Advice = Keep going! And work hard. There is no shortcut to any place worth going.

Day 54 – Hard work pays off!

9 Sep

Glen, me, Ashley, Michelle, and Mike

First of all, last night was quite the experience! We ran as a part of my brother-in-law Mike’s corporate group, with my sister-in-law, Michelle, husband, Glen, and friend Ashley.  It was me, Michelle’s, and Ashley’s first race so it was exciting to all be there together. We had an excellent support team! Thank you Margot for being there with the kids! 

 I had NO idea what a huge event this was going to be.  Here is a picture of the set-up in the Turner Field parking lot.

The early estimates are that there were about 15,000+ participants which doesn’t include all the people there supporting those participants.  Being a race novice, I thought they would say go and we would start running. Not so much.  There were so many people that it took almost 5 minutes from the official “start” time before we actually crossed the start line. Thank goodness I had my own timer! Once we crossed the start line, it took about a half mile before I was able to run at the pace I wanted.  There were so many walkers and they were spread out along the whole road instead of staying to one side.  I’m not going to lie, for me, this kind of deflated my excitement and it took me a little bit to get going. After I hit the 1 mile marker, I realized I was running pretty slow because of the way things started and I began to pick up the pace.

Overall, the first mile was definitely the hardest for me.  Once that mile was over, I was able to get into a consistent pace and felt pretty good.  Predictably, the hardest parts were the hills and given the number of hills, I am happy to have run the whole thing.  Being a part of the race environment was such a positive experience and watching other people push themselves past their limits was very inspiring.  I crossed the finish line at 33:40, over 2 minutes under my goal!

After crossing the finish line, I spotted Glen and we walked back towards the tent.  On the way we picked up a cup of Powerade and a banana.  I can honestly say that I have NEVER in my life thought Powerade was so good or that a banana tasted that amazing! 🙂  I hardly ate all day because I was so nervous for the race, so that banana was perfect!

Afterwards I was definitely sore right away and we had a mile walk back to the Marta station which was not the best plan but parking would have been terrible. We went out for pizza and after eating I felt 100 times better. I slept really well and woke up for work still feeling great.  Glen said he was really sore and I kind of laughed because I was feeling so good…spoke to soon.  Around 3:00 my back/ribs, which were previously just a little sore, started hurting really badly.  I came home and took some Excedrin and took an hour nap and now I am feeling significantly better, albeit still sore. I am going to take another day off before starting the next training schedule. I am very excited to start the next schedule though and am already looking for the next 5K I want to run.  I want to give myself at least 3 weeks of training before the next one so I can hopefully improve my time a bit. I am sincerely grateful to everyone for all of their words of support and encouragement.  i could not imagine having accomplished this goal without all of you!!!!!!!

Day 54 advice – HARD WORK PAYS OFF! And the reward of getting something accomplished feels great. 🙂

Day 50 – 2 Days til 5K!

6 Sep

Tonight was my last run before my first 5K! It seems surreal that I am actually going to do this.  I have wanted to run one for so long and honestly never imagined myself being  able to do it.  I am so excited! 🙂 I set my ultimate goal pretty high but each of these goals along the way are huge victories.

Because of weather, my last 2 runs were inside on the treadmill instead of outside as I had planned.  On Saturday I ran 3.1 miles for the first time! 

3.1 = 31:04

Today I ran 3.1 again and tried to push the time a little because although I was ecstatic to run 3.1 the previous time, I really felt I could do a bit better.

3.1 = 29:42

Although it was only about a minute faster, it put me under 30 minutes on the treadmill which makes me more hopeful of finishing the race under 36:00.  Also I continued running past the 3.1 but decided to stop after a couple of minutes because I didn’t want to push too hard.  It is amazing to me the different paces that people run on the treadmill at the gym (and if you are wondering, yes, I do look at people’s settings). 🙂 I ran this at a 6.3 average pace. I’ll see people running at an 8 who are just trotting along and think to myself, “I would be flying off the machine!” Then another day I will see someone running at a 4.8 and wonder how it is possible to run (not walk) at that pace because I wouldn’t be able to.  Ultimately it just further confirms that you are an individual as a runner.  You work at the pace that works for you and feels good to you.  Knowing what other people do is just for curiosity’s sake I guess.  And who knows maybe one day I will be flying at an 8.0 pace, but I feel confident I would need a safety harness!

Wish me luck…I will post results and pictures after the race!