Day 37

24 Aug

Day 37 was actually yesterday but I was WAY too exhausted to blog. I got up early in the morning to head to the gym and do 2.75 miles for the first time.  Although the progress is slow and steady, I love how the small increment increases allow you to feel like you accomplish something each week.

2.75 miles = 27:24

I was able to run the whole thing without stopping and after I finished, it was the first time I felt confident I could run the whole 5K without stopping.  (Another 4 minutes and I would have been at 3.1).  I also realized I ran for 27 minutes straight!!  When I started this process, running for 10 minutes nearly did me in, and now I am doing 3 times that much. Now before I get carried away, I have to say I am quite sore this time.  My schedule this week is CraZy busy so I will only be running 3 days and resting each day in between and then walking on Sunday.  No in between workouts this week.  I will be set to try 3 miles for the first time, next Tuesday and the 5K is the week after that.  I am starting to get pretty excited about running my first race ever!

Therefore I NEED a new playlist!

Three songs I’m feeling right now:

  Diddy – Coming Home

  Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On

  Monica – Still Standing

I need recommendations.  The title of this playlist is Endurance, so I need songs that make that word come alive. Suggestions??? 🙂


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