Day 34

20 Aug

 After an amazing massage last night I was so relaxed and I really did not want to get out of bed this morning.  It was the best massage I have had to date! The massage therapist was so knowledgable about my shoulder and did an amazing job relieving the pain.  The most important thing she talked about was how my breathing while I’m running can increase the pain in my shoulder if not done correctly.  When I am breathing I tend to try and pull air from my chest/pec muscles instead of my diaphragm which results in shallow breathing and tension in the chest muscles.  The muscle that I tend to overuse the most from this type of breathing is the pec minor muscle which attaches into your shoulder.  So with this new knowledge I headed out for my run this morning.  I was really astonished at the number of times I caught myself breathing from my upper chest and had to force myself to pull from my diaphragm.  Every time I consciously went back to breathing from my diaphragm, I felt I had much more energy/stamina to keep going.  After looking more into the whole breathing thing I realized that breathing incorrectly causes people to think they are not made for running when really they are just not giving their body the oxygen it needs to run smoothly. 

Today I ran 2.5 miles outside in 26:10.  This is a 10:40ish pace. I would love to complete the 5K with this pace.  I feel confident that if I keep the training up, adding .25  each week, I will be able to accomplish this goal!!

Day 34 advice: Pay attention to your breathing, decide what breathing pattern works best for you and practice it!



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