Week 4 – Day 22

8 Aug

Yesterday I was (and still am)  pretty sore from the 2 miles around our neighborhood.  The pavement is definitely less forgiving than the track or treadmill.  Day 21 was a walking day so I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill using the incline periodically. Again, I find it hard to just walk and not start running but I know it is the best thing for my body to stay active without putting strain on the aching parts.  I am confident I am making the right choice by staying indoors as much as possible.  As teachers, we were not allowed to take our kids outside to play because of the heat index.  I figure if little kids can’t play outside, then big people definitely should not be running outside! 🙂

Tomorrow is scheduled for a 2.25 mile run, the longest distance yet.  Each Tuesday is a distance increase which I like because it passes by pretty quickly because I have so much else to do the rest of the day.

As I mentioned before, come day 30, I am going to start making some diet changes.  I am looking for some good things to eat for lunch now that school has started.  Many days I go without eating lunch because I am so busy at school.  Therfore I need food that I can eat on the run if needed.  Try as I might, I just do not love lunch meat so the  standard turkey sandwich does not usually work. I want to keep up with the healthy eating I have started doing (for the most part, ahem…I love Chik-fil-A). I really don’t love or eat a whole lot of meat so I struggle to find a complete lunch that is fulfilling and healthy.  I am trying to maintain a regular eating habit to keep my metabolism going in preparation of starting to run longer distances and to maintain the weight that I am currently.  Any ideas or suggestions of great meals/snacks would be appreciated!


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