Days 18-20 and 80’s playlist!

6 Aug

My run on Wednesday was so great so I didn’t feel too bad that I took Thursday and Friday to rest.  During the the day Thursday, Massage Envy called to say that my therapist was injured and not coming in but I could see someone else.  My mind was set on getting my massage so I had them choose someone else for me and went.  Unfortunately it was not the best massage and left me feeling a little disappointed.  😦  My left shoulder is a world of mess and has been since I was a teenager and it  is one of the things that will hurt when I run oddly enough.  The massage therapist immediately noticed the tightness in that shoulder (as they all have) and really concentrated on it.  Although it does help sometimes, it takes away from the rest of the massage and leaves that shoulder in more pain sometimes.  Overall, not my best experience but I will be back with my normal guy in two weeks so I will look forward to that!

I am going to try and run outside today for the first time in a week so I thought a new and interesting playlist was in order.  I decided to make an 80’s playlist.  The playlist is a little shorter this time, although there are about a million other songs I could have added!  My personal favorite for inspiration

Maniac by Michael Sembello – I vividly remember rolling around on the floor to this song when I was 6 or 7 and being a maniac on the floor!

And of course there has to be a Tiffany song! I Think We’re Alone Now – another vivid memory of choreographing a dance to this with my cousins.  Will be fun to run and think about these things instead of thinking about the running.

Here is the link to the playlist:

Okay, I’m off to run….I will post my results when I return.  Wish me luck….

Update –

Today was the first time I ran outside on the streets instead of a track and it was HARD.  Our neighborhood is extremely hilly and that made it very difficult to maintain a steady pace.  Also adjusting to the humidity, currently 78%, was a challenge.  That same belt across my chest feeling happened today and because it did not happen on the treadmill, I have to go with the humidity/heat being the culprit.  I was so focused on finishing the 2 miles I forgot to look at the 1 mile time which is fine because I was walk/running today during the hills.

2 mile = 24:35 Even though it was considerably slower than the treadmill I am pleasantly surprised by the time. And exhausted, ha! Time to eat. 🙂


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