Week 3! Day 14 and 15

1 Aug

Well week 3 is here and I am so happy I have made it this far.  As crazy as it may sound to some people, this has been a huge change in my life, going from not working out to 5 times a week.  Yesterday was a walk day so I did a 35 minute walk at a pretty good pace.  Today I went back to work after having the summer off so I decided to rest.  Tomorrow will be my first time running 2 miles!!  I am feeling pretty good about it going in and am excited to accomplish this goal.  I have to go at 5:45 in the morning so I am going to go to the gym and do it on the treadmill, I am not crazy about running outside at that time in the morning.  Because I am trying something new tomorrow, I decided I needed a new and different playlist. 

My taste in music is all over the board and I am excited to listen to my new country playlist tomorrow.  (Yes, country for those of you shocked by that!) I compiled it on jog.fm and here is the link Love Don't Live Here http://jog.fm/users/sandrajune/workout-playlists/country

If anyone has any music to share please do! I am always open to new music, thank you to Kylie and Mr. Shutkas for your recommended music!


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