Day 10 and 11

28 Jul

Day 10 was a rest or a run/walk day.  After being in the pool with the kids for 3 hours I opted for a day of resting! We had an amazing time at the pool and the kids swam the whole time! Alana has been working on floating on her back all summer and she did it on her own yesterday for the first time.  Cameron was a little fish and “choo-chooed” all the way around the pool.  Since I rested, I did do some stretching and ab work at night. I am still amazed that I was not sore from the 1.75 on Tuesday.

Day 11 was a 1 1/2 mile run and I did the whole thing without stopping! Not even a quick stop to catch my breath or anything. My progress is definitely slow and steady but it is encouraging to see some positive changes.  Mile 1 was 10:28 and the 2 mile total was 24:26. 

I am still working through some changes in my body though that are a bit puzzling to me.  I did not think I would lose weight right away from starting to run but I certainly didn’t think I would GAIN weight.  I have gained about 5 pounds in the last 11 days and I have no idea why.  I am eating less and more healthy and exercising more.  I keep thinking about it and the only reason I could come up with is that my summer eating habits are catching up with me.  However, on second thought I began wondering if I am retaining some water from the heat and exercise. My weight always fluctuates on a daily basis but the fluctuation is up by about 5 pounds which seems like A LOT to me.  I am already over what I would like to be by about 5 pounds so adding those extra 5 pounds on is frustrating.  I am wondering if there is anything you can do to reduce this amount or retention if that is indeed what is going on.  Other than that though I am confident in the training process and excited to continue working hard!

When I was running today there was a JV or Freshman football team out there and the poor kids were exhuasted from running.  They were doing sprints over and over, blah! Afterwards they had to run a few laps around the track. This thought went through my head as I was watching them struggle and sure enough when I came home and looked online Nike has a slogan for it.

Day 11 Advice: don’t think. run.


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