Week 2 – Day 8

25 Jul

 I spent the morning in my classroom moving furniture and the reality hit that I have one week until the school year officially begins.  Once the school year starts, the challenge of making time for the workouts will become much more difficult.  It is easy to devote yourself to being a teacher, taking the work home everyday even when you have other things in your life you should be doing.  As my fifth year of teaching begins I am still struggling to find the balance.  Each school year I have many professional goals,  I am excited to dive into this year of teaching with  a personal goal in my life.  I know it will help me say no more often when I need to because I have personal and family goals that I need to accomplish.

Today’s workout was very low impact, 30 minutes on a recumbent exercise bike and some upper body strength training.  The BEST part of today’s workout was that I could not find my headphones.  Yes you heard right, the best part was that I could NOT find them because it resulted in Glen letting me borrow his.  He kept telling me to try them because “they would change mt life” but I am a creature of habit so I kept saying no it’s fine I have some of my own.  Well I tried his and they are AMAZING.  They are wireless and amazing (did I say that already?).  There is no way to describe them so here is a picture:

If you have an iPhone you can listen to your music and press a button on the earpiece to answer your phone. They fit into your ear much better than regular ear buds of any kind I have ever tried.  Finding these made me excited for tomorrow’s 1.75.  I think I can, I think I can.


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