Day 6

23 Jul

Day 6 – The rest yesterday was great and had me excited to get up and get going this morning.  As I mentioned before I am bringing Glen along in this 5K training process.  So this morning he came along to run with me!   I am still struggling to get past running more than one mile at a time and I find myself getting REALLY frustrated that I can’t keep going.  It was great to have Glen there today to remind me that I am only in my first week of training! Haha, I’m looking for results now! He was also so encouraging in letting me know that even being able to complete one mile in the first week is an admirable accomplishment. 

He stayed in pace with me and we ran the first mile in 10:34, we kept running but I could not make it through the next lap around the track 😦 so we finished the second mile walking. I am wondering how the heat affects your running because this Atlanta heat is intense! I am still proud of getting another 2 miles under my belt.  Everyday is progress!

Day 6 advice: Be patient. Get a support system.


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