Days 3 and 4

21 Jul

Day 3

I drove 14 hours home and arrived to a clean home and hot Chinese food! Needless to say I opted for the scheduled rest.  I did take the time to ice and stretch though because I was feeling sore from the day before and then sitting in the car all day.  After that I went to bed and slept for 10 1/2 hours!!! Apparently my travels and the beginning of training had me entirely worn out!

Day 4

I woke up feeling pretty sore but knew I needed to just get up and get going.  Today’s plan was run 1 1/2, walk to cool down.  To clarify, although a half marathon is my ultimate goal, for a novice runner like myself, it begins with 5K training.  For these first 8 weeks, I will be following a 5K training schedule, adjusting it if I am eventually able to outrun the goal time/distance.  Right now though, I’m barely making it :o)   Today I only made it through the first mile running and then had to walk the second mile.  My legs felt like ten ton weights that I could barely lift!  I was disappointed I only ran the first mile but I know I just have to keep going.  There are also several things to get figured out as I keep training.  One is location: Right now I am running on tracks to easily keep distance and for some extra support on my shins/hips.  I tried a track today that ended up feeling like a heat trap – no breeze and set down in more covered area, it felt like just me and the sun in a battle til the end – the sun won! Next I need to look into getting an inhaler again.  I always had an inhaler during sports in high school, and although I have continued to work out through the years, in my opinion nothing leaves you as breathless as running.  Today I could not wait to get to the car and use my daughter’s inhaler.  After I took it, it was like a belt wrapped around my lungs released!  Probably a pretty good indication that I need to get my own inhaler. The last thing  I will need to work on and consider is my diet and what food I am eating, learning what foods are good fuels for running.  Because right now from even this little bit of exercise, I am ravenous! :o/

Training to be a runner is definitely hard work but I am glad I am able to keep a positive attitude, joke about my shortcomings, and share my pains and accomplishments with a great supporter, my husband, Glen.  I will be dragging him along this journey as well and we will be doing the first 5K together, more to come on that later!

Day 4 advice: Get up, get going.


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