Day 1

18 Jul

After the first official run of my training!

Life has a way of happening.  You have to grow up, get a job, maybe get married and have children, and your life is really no longer your own.  Pieces of you now belong to all the other parts of your life.  You don’t willingly give it away and no one specifically takes it from you but it just changes.  I have decided that the more I fight for my life and take control of where my energy is invested, the happier everyone in my life becomes.  And if there is one thing that I have always wanted for me, it is to be a runner. 

 So today is Day 1. 

Day 1 of going for what I want. 

 Day 1 of achieving something for me.

Day 1 of half marathon training!

I have never been in particularly bad shape, I have had periods where I have been in great shape, but through it all I have never been a runner. 

I am definitely not in good running shape (or good any shape, ha) so this process will be slow and steady. My goal today was to run 1 complete mile to get a base time and to walk a 2nd mile. And to my surprise I actually ran the whole mile, small victories!

Mile 1: Running 10:26

Mile 2: Walking 15:36

2 Mile average = 13:01

I separated them today because I wanted to get a solid time for what I could run a mile in, but I will not always separate them in the future. Every two weeks I will time my mile separately.

Today was all about telling myself to listen to my mind — not my body.  I had to keep telling myself, I want this more than my body, I want this more than my body.  If I leave it up to my body, I’m out! My body will come around eventually as the training continues and intensifies, for now I have to listen to my mind. 

Day 1 advice: Listen to your mind! Your body will catch up.


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